Countless musical artists produced unforgettable songs, recording them in professional studios and supporting record sales through touring. We have followed our favorite artists from their first album through their most recent. Fans have spent billions of dollars on concert tickets to experience and watch the live performances of their recordings.

Sadly, many artists have retired, the bands have broken up or they have passed away. But their music lives on.

Many musicians’ begin their careers in a garage with their friends playing the songs of their idols. Perfecting their craft on songs they know and love gives them the confidence and inspiration to be bold and create something new. But some musicians are so good at, and committed to, emulating their music heroes that they choose to dedicate themselves fully to paying homage as a tribute act.

Some of the best tribute acts sound more like the bands’ original lineups than the actual band does. We believe that the original songs from artists of the 50’s through today are keenly captured in the performances of tribute and cover bands. Others bring us an electric, live performance of groups that have broken up or are no longer with us like The Beatles or Michael Jackson. Some bring us the entirely unique and extraordinary costumes that became a landmark of the time. Others can nail the vocal intonation or enduring guitar riffs of our music icons. A few elite performers also happen to look just like the original.

Tribute acts have graciously embraced the original artists by working hard to re-create their sounds or adding their own interpretations. Many tribute bands will even dress or perform in costumes to help re-create the original experience.

And tribute bands have garnered followings and have played at many well-known clubs, performing arts centers and festivals. Several original artists have taken notice and have accepted tribute bands, from Billy Joel to Korn. Many original artists have shared the stage with their tribute counterparts.

What We Are About

Tribute Band Directory is a comprehensive online resource of bands and artists who perform the music they love and the musicians they wish to emulate and pay tribute to by sharing the original artists’ songs with others. Cover bands whose musical focus is to perform songs by various artists or covering music genres are included in this directory as well. The spirit of this site is to keep the passion of the original artists’ music flowing from past generations to future ones.

For Talent Buyers

The directory can be searched by the original artists, and by geographic location where the acts are willing to perform. Each act will have a directory profile with current and accurate contact information. We are not middle agents and do not require any fees from talent buyers. For more information, please visit our FAQ page.

For Bands

The annual membership is free for now and allows bands/acts to create, edit & market their own profile within the directory, thus enabling the band/act to be discovered. We are not middle agents and do not guarantee employment. For more information, please visit our FAQ page or click Add a Band to begin creating an account profile. Join us.

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