A 50th anniversary Woodstock concert may be scheduled this August at the original site, but Batavia will be getting into the act with a “Stock” of its own. Batavia Downs will host “BataviaStock” on Saturday, July 20, with five tribute bands and one performer who took the stage at the landmark event in 1969.

Melanie, a New York City singer known for her hits “Brand New Key,” “Ruby Tuesday,” “What Have they Done to My Song Ma” and “Lay Down (Candles in the Rain),” will headline the event. The 72-year-old performed on the first day of the original Woodstock after releasing her debut album, “Born to Be,” the previous year. She has continued to record music ever since. Her latest album, “1984,” was released in 2015.

Also playing at BataviaStock are: Green River Revival – A Creedence Clearwater Revival Tribute, Abraxas – a Santana and Sly & the Family Stone Tribute, The Who Show – a Who Tribute, and Piece of My Heart – a Janis Joplin Tribute.