is a comprehensive resource of original songs covered by artists, some of whom we are familiar with, others we are not, and emerging new artists. Below is some information the owners of Cover Songs have listed on their site:

A (Very) Brief History: Cover Me began in 2006 as a cover songs radio show that went largely unheard in backwoods New Hampshire. In fall ’07, Cover Me took on blog form. It’s remained that way ever since.

Cover Me posts news articles and features all week, focusing on cover songs, tribute albums, and the like. Features include:

The Full Albums collections go track-by-track through a classic album.
Under the Radar shines a light on a lesser-known cover artist.
In the Spotlight, like Under the Radar but for famous folks.
Cover Classics dives deep into a classic cover album.
Five Good Covers examines an oft-covered song from a variety of genres.
Good, Better, Best ranks three great covers.
They Say It’s Your Birthday salutes a great artist with covers of their songs.
In Memoriam pays tribute to the recently (or not so recently) departed.
Album Reviews are what they sound like.

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