We grew up on Rock n’ Roll and attended countless concerts throughout the years. Nothing beats seeing bands play live. Even though some bands still tour, for various reasons, many are not represented by the original members. And other bands have retired from touring. But the music from the original artists lives on — the spirit of this directory helps talented musicians keep working and enabling fans to enjoy the songs that we did growing up.

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Tribute Bands sign up as subscribers (a/k/a members) of the directory. Each band will have its own profile that you create, manage and update as needed, like having your own skin in the game. The most important piece of the profile page is the band’s full contact information for talent buyers to find you. Here you can include a photo gallery, video, band member info, past shows, upcoming events, social media links, and anything else you want to promote your band.

The directory will contain a database of original artists (ie. The Who, Journey, The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac). The talent buyer’s search for tribute bands will be sorted by geographical representation based on where your tribute band is willing to play (ie. Northeast or New York). The buyer may query the site for an Iron Maiden band in the Midwest, and the result may be 8 Iron Maiden tribute bands. Your profile page information will factor into the talent buyer’s decision to contact you.

Our job is to promote the directory’s site to talent buyers, event producers and festival organizers. Our site will concentrate on bands in the US, Canada and UK markets. Social media promotion supports the website and is already in place on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook.

Tribute Band Directory does not get involved in any contract negotiation; we are not middle agents nor buyers. We do not require any compensation from any gigs you get resulting from membership in the directory.

Tribute Band Directory charges an annual membership fee for all tribute bands & acts who sign up with the service. The cost is reasonably-priced at $99 per year. One booking more than covers the cost of membership.

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