Below is the list of bands playing in the Music on the Pier 2019 Summer Concert Series.

June 6 — SFO – A Journey Tribute Band with opening band The Freeze
July 3 — Wooden Ship (4:30-6:30 p.m.) and The Chicago Authority (6:45-9 p.m.)
July 5 — KISS THIS – a KISS Tribute Band with opening act Rocketship 7
July 11 — Urgent – A Foreigner Tribute Band with opening act Grungebox
Aug. 1 — WHO ARE YOU – A Celebration of THE WHO with opening act Zen City
Aug. 16 — M.A.C Band – The Fleetwood Mac Experience
Aug. 17 — The Freeze, OCD/C – AC/DC Tribute Band followed by Jersey – Bruce Springsteen Tribute Band
Aug. 18 — Rockin’ Robin followed by The Floyd Concept – A Pink Floyd Tribute
Aug. 22 — WANTED: The Bon Jovi Tribute Band with opening act Wildcard Band