Unlike in the past when tribute bands were relegated to third-tier performers who played in bars for little more than free beer, today, the landscape has changed, and tribute bands have become a force to reckon with in the music industry. While most of the famous tribute bands in the bygone era paid homage to retro rock tracks that dated back to the 60s and 70s, the variety has exploded to incorporate modern-era acts that thrill revelers from all generations. Scour through your local gig listing, and you’ll find that tribute bands are headlining more shows as the original acts.

While many of the tribute bands out there may or may not have their compositions, they try their best to adapt the mannerism, style and musical prowess of their idols and their success is contingent upon how well they can replicate the experience of the original band. Although many people did tributes for fun, lately, the idea has taken a turn to become an ambitious venture that can see crowds turn up to hear faux belt out musical hits.

Today, tribute bands are at the helm of the live music entertainment with some even having the capacity to fill prominent event centers such as the 02 and the Wembley Arena. Although most people accuse tribute bands of riding on the fame and glory of the real artists, they have become a boon for the music industry. This piece tries to put together the reasons as to why tribute bands are benefiting the music industry.