If Adam Levine and his shirtless theatrics don’t interest middle-aged audiences of modern day, a band like Thunderstruck, pulsating AC/DC’s “Hells Bells” at an audience to teeth-jarring levels, can conjure feelings of youthful indulgence — mortgage and overtime be damned — if only just for an evening.

And thus, tribute acts flock to Louisville venues, paying homage to artists from Pink Floyd to Fleetwood Mac. They’re everywhere, and people pour into local venues to see them.

The appeal might not be obvious. It’s easy to dismiss and say, “Just stay at home and listen to the record.” Heck, a few of these acts pay tribute to bands that still exist and tour. But particularly for shows like, say, Experience Hendrix, which will be staged at the Louisville Palace on March 19, it’s the closest most living people will ever get to seeing Jimi himself.